Isokinetic Ankle Machine

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Fast Twitch Maxi ankle and wrist Isokinetic Dual Resistance conditioning / rehabilitation machine. The FTMaxi ankle/wrist machine enables thorough conditioning or rehabilitation of the ankle in a safe efficient and progressive manner. Especially convenient for acute or severe injuries It is a versatile unit with adjustable independent two-way resistance settings The rotary motion hydraulic resistance system aligns the natural axis of the joint motion and enables opposing muscle groups to be exercised at different levels simultaneously and enables natural balance to be maintained. Ergonomically and biomechanically designed removable foot plates for planter/dorsi flexion and inversion/ eversion. The easy-to-use axis rotation allows the practitioner to switch movements without moving the patient or the machine. FEATURES Machine is portable and space efficient 10 load settings. Variable speed control- 10deg/sec - 300 deg/ sec Wrist and feet attachments. Heavy-duty frame. Optional computer managed training system with portable PC for complete power strength / ROM readings.

FOOTPRINT Width 14 inches 40 centimetres Length 14 inches 40 centimetres Height 10 inches 25 centimetres Weight 99 lbs 45 kg

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