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The Glute Machine is again the ultimate lower body power machine. Not needing to go into the benefits of the Squat, this Glute machine allows for maximum lower body contraction at speed, with zero joint load making it a most efficient lower body explosive power machine. With its dual motors used in unilateral or bi lateral running motion its ideal for simulated neurological running motion .As the independent resistance control allows for neurological overload for opposing muscle groups, it balances out force activation of agonist and antagonist muscle groups making this machine unique in this training effect. Again countless athletes get hurt by incorrect technique and weight, and when the forces are all working against you, the Glute can be the most common movement for relieving the load in lower abdomen and groin areas. The Isokinetic Glute/ hamstring runner machine allows you to activate as much speed your body holds, safely and repeat to improve your speed and explosiveness.

GLUTE FEATURES Rotary Motion Hydraulic Resistance System Computer Managed Training System Heavy duty Frame and Handle bar Adjustable support pads Unilateral and Bilateral Exercise system Variable Speed Control (5 deg/sec – 800 deg/sec Load 10nm – 1000nm FOOTPRINT Width 90cm (35”) Length 1.5m (59”) Height 1.52m (60”) Weight 130kg ( 288 lb )

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