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    One of the most versatile portable Isokinetic machines on the market. Compact design and small footprint this machine is based around the portable ankle unit and then placed on a height adjustable linear column. It’s the perfect machine for all shoulder exercises as well as ankle, wrist, trunk, hip. Available with fully computerized touch screen P/C to view performance output and record results hard copy print out. Has light weight isokinetic resistance motor and dual resistance control. Comes with all handle attachments to complete all exercises. Most affordable multi joint Isokinetic device on the market.

    Rotary Motion Hydraulic Resistance System,Computer Managed Training System,Portable,Ankle frame detachable from Main frame,Heavy duty Frame and Handle bar,Adjustable support pads,Height adjustable motor,Motor tilts from Horizontal to vertical,Variable Speed Control (5 deg/sec – 800 deg/sec. FOOTPRINT Width 70cms (27”) Length 70cms (27”) Height 90cms (35”) Weight 70kg ( 157 lb ) Ultimate rehab Shoulder/ Ankle, Iso Kinetic This machine is the most versatile Rehab unit on the market. Rehab Shoulder, ankle, wrist, forearm, elbow. It is portable and ankle frame separates from linear column. Can be purchased in stages and has fully monitored computer function as an option.

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