Isokinetic Dead Lift machine

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Next to the Squat machine, the Deadlift Machine is again the ultimate lower body power machine. Not needing to go into the benefits of a deadlift, this machine allows for maximum lowerbody contraction at speed, with zero joint load making it the most efficient lower body explosive power machine on the market. With its dual handle grip its appropriate for any Olympic lifters. Again countless athletes get hurt by incorrect technique and weight, and when the forces are all working against you, the deadlift can be the most common movement for injury and poor back/posture health. The Isokinetic deadlift machine allows you to activate as much power you body holds, safely and repeat to improve your speed and explosiveness.

Linear Motion Hydraulic Resistance System Computer Managed Training System Heavy duty Frame and Handle bar Reversible handles Power take off blocks Variable Speed Control (5 deg/sec – 800 deg/sec ) FOOTPRINT Width 1.3m (50”) Length 1.8m (70”) Height 1.8m (70”) Weight 400kg ( 900 lb ) POA Dead Lift / Clean isokinetic Hi Speed power and speed training unit with touch screen programmable P/C for direct bio feed back and reports .

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