Isokinetic Knee Machine

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The Knee machine is the ultimate speed leg extension/flexion machine. Isolate the knee and fire quadriceps and hamstring at close to speeds you that we run and play sports. Perfect for rehabilitation, sports performance and training at speeds that are simply not achievable on other forms of training. Imagine being able to fire the nervous system against resistance at the same speeds you play sports!

Rotary Motion Hydraulic Resistance System Computer Managed Training System Heavy duty Frame and Handle bar Adjustable seating position Adjustable support pads Stabilising strap Unilateral and Bilateral Exercise system Variable Speed Control (10 deg/sec – 800 deg/sec) FOOTPRINT Width 1.2m (47”) Length 1.3m (50”) Height 1.4m (55”) Weight 150kg ( 338 lb ) Knee Machine. Rotary motion Hydraulic Resistance system. Isokinetic Dual motored. Unilateral and bilateral Exercise system. Touch screen P/C Advanced Hi Speed Isokinetic unit with performance Bio Feed back system . Variable Speed Control. Adjustable seating position. Stabilising strap. Heavy duty frame and handle bar. Size 1.2m x 1.3m x 1.4 m. Weight 150kg

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