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When it comes to safely rotating the spine and core rotators, it imperative it’s done safely. Incorrect lumbar stability is the leading cause of injury across all sports. The Torso machine addresses this perfectly by allowing high speed rotation against resistance equally in both directions with zero break effect and eccentric slowing of movement. The Torso machine activates all core muscles (Rectus Abdominals, Obliques, Transverse Abdominals and Erector Spinae) allowing and for greater stabilisation of the lumbar spine vertebra and discs. Increase your rotational speed and core efficiency.

Rotary Motion Hydraulic Resistance System Computer Managed Training System Heavy duty Frame and Handle bar Height adjustable support Variable Speed Control (10 deg/sec – 600 deg/sec FOOTPRINT Width 0.8 (32”) Length 1.2m (47”) Height 2.1m (84”) Weight 140kg ( 308 lb ) Torso Rotation Hi Speed Isokinetic Machine Touch screen programmable system with direct bio feed back results

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