Isokinetic Squat Machine

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The Squat machine is the jewel in the crown. It’s the flagship Isokinetic machine. The importance of squats in athletic performance is well documented. Now you can achieve more power, more speed, more strength , safer and faster than any other form of squatting. Imagine being able to do plyometrics against resistance (concentric phase only) with zero load on joints and spine. It means you can go faster, produce more force, product more power REPETITVELY! Perfect for rehabilitation, sports performance and training at speeds that are simply not achievable on other forms of training. Imagine being able to fire the nervous system and achieve triple extension against resistance and use data reporting to show improvements over time.

Linear Motion Hydraulic Resistance System Computer Managed Training System Heavy duty Frame Counter Balance level arm Counter thrust platform Variable Speed Control (10 deg/sec – 600 deg/sec) FOOTPRINT Width 0.80 (32”) Length 2.2m (87”) Height 1.6m (63”) Weight 140kg ( 308 lb ) Universal Squat Iso Kinetic machine Multi function Shoulder training machine is for Low speed and Hi Speed use . Can operate as 10 Deg/sec to 600 Deg/sec with two way independent adjustable resistance..Has bio feed back system and can be fully computerized

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