06 Jul, 09:30 am - 12:00 pm
Bet you have heard this before " Kids these days have it too easy........"

As a kid growing up in the 80’s I remember school holidays were always planned around physical activities. It didn’t matter if we were going around my friends to play basketball, go down to the local oval to kick the footy or head out to the Walkerville YMCA to jump in the foam pits or climb ropes and the like. We were always doing something physical and enjoying ourselves.

 Kids these days are generally perceived to be less active and more preoccupied with the play station, ipad or internet.

The Fast Twitch, Winter Camps program is a chance for al the kids out there to change this mindset and prove to the adults that they’re wrong.  
Don’t just be a product of your generation; prove your parents and their generation wrong.

Kid’s, you may not know it yet but your parent’s think they were stronger, harder and tougher than you. Compared to them you’ve got it easy these days and spending the majority of your time in front of the play station, ipad or Internet is not helping your cause. It’s time to hustle up, get of your “butts” and show them whose boss.

  You can do this by signing up to the Fast Twitch, Winter Camps over the July school holidays. There is literally no better way to way to build the healthy habits you need to win this generation battle. For more information you may view our facebook page or website at www.fasttwitch.com.au  

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