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Train Fast to be fast.
Date : 28.07.2015

Isokinetic training is the best methodology for midseason to late-season training when athletes are tired mentally and physically and susceptible to injuries.

Isokinetic training is of shorter duration than isotonic training, which allows more time for technical training and game plan training and gives the athlete a mental break.

There is no joint compression with isokinetic training ,so no fear of tearing a muscle or tendon or skeletal injury while building strength.
  The lactic acid threshold is enhanced with Isokinetic training. There is no trapping of lactic acid (DOMS) in the muscle fibre hence the saying "no pain no gain" is not relevant   Science has proven that training at as close as possible to - the speed of sport (1000° per second) has a direct effect on the brains muscular neuro path ways and the result is enhancement of the body's proportionality of type 2b muscle fibre, also known as white fast twitch muscle fibre.
It is possible to record in real time the athletes performance while training with isokinetic equipment. The information assesses the athletes progress and just as important , the athletes deficiencies. The information can then be reviewed later and sent to trainers, coaches, medical staff, insurance companies, etc.
TEKS software offers a myriad of comparative assessment charting and graphs. TEKS equipment is versatile and facilitates the greatest range of motion for each exercise. TEKS is the only equipment offering "duel resistance Controls" for by-lateral settings for extension and flexion.   TEKS equipment is designed like gym equipment for millions of uses. It can be used by the athlete who follows a regimen designed in advance by his Coach. The athlete only needs to use his thumbprint to go into the TEKS CMTS / PROGRAM and then select  his custom designed workout. There is no need for a therapist to oversee the user.       Isokinetic equipment can also be used for rehabilitation, it has been the modality of choice and rehabilitation for almost 50 years. Recent study has proven that "high-speed isokinetic equipment" delivers a greater benefit than slow speed equipment, also known as clinical equipment.   TEKS is the most advanced company in the world , with over 30 years of experience,which manufactures "high-speed" isokinetic equipment.

  Science is sports and TEKS is science!

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