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I was asked what is the diff between a VeriMax and a TEKS machine?
Date : 14.07.2015

The VertiMax is a band resistance system that has recommended light resistance to add a form of concentric / eccentric load similar to the latex resistance band principal. Its a useful tool and no doubt will appeal to the low budget one on one trainers.
 Its a toy when compared to the sophistication of a genuine speed power Iso Kinetic training system like TEKS.
 Where our system can really develop speed and power like the squat or hip , knee under serious load . Take for example the squat . Loads can be generated up to 200-300 kg force and at lower forces at 5 times the speed of conventional weights.
The VertiMax doesn't come any where near this level of power training.
I would use this in our centre, but it is like the need to co exist Strength training with Iso Kinetics; One without the other would leave a essential component un-catered for.
 Its the same with the VertiMax. On its own , there is no way a young developing athlete will develop power with out Strength training and then won`t get the speed /power safely without Hi Speed Iso Kinetics .
The VertiMax is just another complimentary tool. I could actually simulate it with a set of plyo boxes and resistance bands as its a form of plyo metric training .


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