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Just another Gym
Date : 23.05.2017

So why is Fast Twitch called a Centre when it’s just another Gym? One of the most common mistakes people make when they enquire about our our Centre is they assume it is like every other gym in town. From the outside you cannot be blamed for assuming this, however once you get to know the professional services we offer at our Centre you will soon determine why you should be training at our Centre. Firstly, our Centre is focused on a person’s improvement in strength, increase in speed and power, increase in flexibility and mobility and onto repeatability. Secondly, we are focused on prevention of injury, pain and we are are equipped to aid in rehabilitation and recovery from injury, pain or a condition, We specialise in rehab and pre-hab. We have the specialised Isokinetic machines and the qualified Coaches. Although we do offer memberships to the general public, we do not seek those whom are specifically interested in just bulking up or getting massive. We aim to provide those who do not like those types of gym a safe and supportive environment to work out in, no matter your age, size, sex or race. We know we have the right team and environment for you. Another unique component of our rehab gym is the classes we offer, namely Rookie (budding athletes) Developmental fitness ,Elite Fitness, Boxing, Nightly Circuit General fitness and the Iso Circuit. Each of these classes is created and supervised by a Coach and you won't find these classes anywhere else in Adelaide. We can also tailor a Class to suit you and your team, friends or Family. This is our CYOG class.

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