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Train Fast to be fast.
Date : 28.07.2015

Isokinetic training is the best methodology for midseason to late-season training when athletes are tired mentally and physically and susceptible to injuries.

Isokinetic training is

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Kids, sick of being told that you have it too easy?
Date : 25.06.2015

As a kid growing up in the 80’s I remember school holidays were always planned around physical activities. It didn’t matter if we were going around my friends to play basketball, go down to the

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The 7 Laws of Training According to Dr. Fred Hatfield
Date : 25.06.2015

Dr. Hatfield knows how to squat and a whole lot more. Hatfield was a national-level college gymnast and squatted over 1,000lbs at the age of 45.
 He's done all this by

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Date : 21.04.2015

As a coach of young talent, you’re always looking at how to improve the athlete and enhance the development process. A lot of the time, which I’m sure many parents and coaches would agree with

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