“Get Specialist knowledge and know how!”

If you require specialist knowledge and guidance then 1 on 1 training is your best option.

Take full advantage of our specialist coaching services and individualised programing knowledge to start reaching your training goals today.  

“Individualised, Specialised and Tailored.”

Fast Twitch individualised training programs are designed to excel an individual to their  full potential.

Many of our past clients have elected to utilise a coach on a 1 on 1  basis, to seek the extra specialised guidance when it comes to training.

Our process is simple: Firstly identify what needs to change, and put in a plan of action to make those changes happen.

We recommend first looking into an assessment session.

Start planning your training today.

World Class: Equipment – Facilities - Knowledge!

Our philosophy when it comes to training is simple.

World-class training requires world-class facilities, equipment and training environment.

From our well organised floor space to you putting your weights away after yourself is what is required.

It’s a environment built on respect and we’ve found that when you respect your gym, its people and its equipment,

the gym gives you the equal amount of respect in return. Usually in performance results.