"Adelaide's most advanced high performance centre"

Fast Twitch High Performance Centre is the only centre open to the public that allows you to train on  Industry leading High-Speed Isokinetic machines. Accompanied by a world standard strength and conditioning GYM including a 20m indoor running track, Olympic lifting platforms and full plyometric and strength training areas to maximise your training results.

"Every person and their goal is different"

All members will receive an individualised training program, which can be updated, carefully put together by one of our highly qualified coaches. Our Centre is always manned with a qualified Coach so on-going support is available at all times to make sure you are maximising your training and progressing .
 Join now and Start training to reach your full physical potential TODAY!

Fast Twitch offers both General membership and Student membership.

All FT memberships come with a customised program and include all Morning classes
Yes a program just for you !.No Showing Up Without a Game Plan!

Have and follow a Fitness Program That is Professionally Designed Specifically To Your Goals and Abilities!

No more working hard aimlessly with nothing to show for it!
We are focused on educating and empowering you with the confidence and ability to achieve all of your health & fitness goals! Learn how to perform all of the exercises in your program safely so that you feel confident performing your new program while you get the results that you're after!
 As you progress, our Coaches will redesign your program so you continue seeing results - not plateaus!

“Motivating Training with a Coach or your own Program”

FT memberships are of value. You’ll get full gym access and usage of all equipment.
6 am to 9 pm. Whatever time it is, there will always be a Coach on hand to assist.
We do recommend that you have an Assessment first. This will give your Coach /Program designer, the basis for your individualised Training Program.
Your program will usually determine when and how to use the gym but having unlimited usage is by far the most cost effective solution.
You’ll also get access to FT scheduled classes, events and testing sessions.

FT memberships are of value. You’ll get full gym access and use of all equipment, including our unique Isokinetic machines.
You get a customised program that id based upon your needs and goals.
You can attend all FT Morning classes held at 6amm Monday to Friday and 8pm Saturdays.
Fast Twitch has showers ( and hairdryers) 

To be the best you must first surround yourself with the best!

 Find high quality equipment,along with the latest scientific techniques and data reporting.

We have all the equipment that is in most standard gyms. Cardio, Olympic strength equipment and all the gym accessories,
we also have something else, something exclusive as its a first and its our first.
Isokinetic computerised training equipment 
This is the only high speed functional assessment and training machines for training at high speed with high load. With programmed challenges and user feedback, the user is motivated to achieve greater results.And all without any joint compressible load, so it is safe for all users of all ages.

Our Centre has 3 individual showers and 2 changing areas.We also supply hairdryers and spare plug sockets for your own appliances. So workout, shower,and go onto work or play!