Compete – Challenge - Motivate: Everyone Wins!

Group Training is easily the most affordable and effective way to work closely with a coach and share the experience with a friend or family member or your team.  

“A fun, non threatening environment to achieve your best.”

Often you may share the same goals as others, so why not minimise your training costs by creating a small group. CYOG
You’ll still get the personal attention you require however you may feel more motivated and challenged by working with a small group to reach your training goals.

Or join a FT Class. these are held at the same time each day. We have classes for young Rookies, Development and Elite athlete level.All classes are Coach run and supervised.
New to FT are our Boxing Classes too !

Make this environment your very own, or your teams!

Our philosophy when it comes to training is simple.

World-class training requires world-class facilities, equipment and training environment.

We have standards, we run a tight ship.

From well organised floor space to putting your weights away after yourself is what is required.

It’s an environment built on respect and we’ve found that when you respect your gym, its people and its equipment.

The gym gives you the equal amount of respect in return… Usually in performance results.