The FT process is thorough. First we discuss how to best use our facility and services to reach your goals. The initial consultation is a time set up between the program coordinator and client to discuss the pathway, the challenges currently facing the situation and how to effectively plan the process forward together. Better plans lead to better results and the initial consultation is to discuss how to reach these goals together.
In the world of sports/athletics training, measuring your current level of performance in crucial in determining a way forward. Every athlete has strengths and weaknesses. Looking at these with a critical eye can be the best way to identify how to plan and implement a plan forward. After all, if you are going to spend the hours investing in how to become better, wouldn’t it make sense to see the results stacked up against your previous scores and see what can be still done to reach further improvement? Start by getting assessed today.
Lets face it, sport is not becoming slower! There is a heavy reliance on power, speed and repeat power efforts on todays sporting fields. Understanding what your current levels of power and force production is very important, not to mention how you may need to repeat these efforts with often very little recovery periods. Get your power measured today to see what type of force you have can be a very big step forward to an improved program.
Strength has become an essential non negotiable in almost every sport and fitness program. However not everyone needs every aspect of strength training to benefit them. Knowing how to decipher what is important and what isn’t is crucial to not waste valuable time in the training space. Getting your maximum strength and strength endurance levels are essential if you want a progressive program to make any impact. Getting your strength levels measured is often the most critical component in designing a proper progressive program.
Ever wondered what your body comprises of ? How much muscle tissue do you have? How much body fat does your body actually carry? How much does your skeletal system weigh? How much body fluid is being stored? All these factors and more make up your total weight. Accept the fact that weight loss is terminology of the past. What if you improved your muscle to fat ratio, what would that do for things like power to weight ratio, cellular fluid balance and total body hydration. These are all aspects that contribute to a far healthier and better performing body. Isn’t that more important to what you simply weigh? Get a body composition analysis today to get the facts when it comes down to what you are made of.
Movement is the key to better moving bodies. Everyone walks around with imbalances; some suffer from tightness and others with limited range in particular joints. All can have a devastating effect in performance. Often with simple corrections in movement, range and flexibility, the human body can achieve some incredible feats.  Get assessed on how your body is currently limited in movement and control, and find out how improving movement can improve performance. This is a very crucial aspect to physical development and is often a critical stage to address in your program.
Under 14 Assessments  - 45 mins
Adult Assessments - 60 mins
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Measuring your base metabolic rate (BMR) is important to see how your body uses the fuels you provide it. If you are burning fuels too fast, you are lacking the essential energy it requires to recover and grow. If you are taking too long to burn these fuels then you are storing unnecessary energy, usually in the form of body fat. Do you know how your body is burning fuel? What could you do to improve this and what impact could that have immediately? Get assessed today to find out how.
Fast Twitch is the developer of isokinetic technology on a world wide scale. We are leaders in the rehabilitation and performance field. Have you ever wondered what your quadriceps power to your hamstring ratio is, and what can be improved by balancing this? Have you ever seen a 12 year old training for power safely? There is zero negative force on this technology. Can you imagine what can be achieved with zero speed limitations… Under resistance? Well we know, and we have been measuring this for a long time. By getting yourself equipped with testing information, we can empower you to make smart program choices and in turn generate better program outcomes..